Pickleball Rhode island

List includes teams who are based in Rhode island and who are playing pickleball. There are in total 3 teams. Most popular sport is . Other popular sports are: .

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Pickleball Drill Partners RI Playerlineup.com

If you're looking to drill, this group is for you. Join an existing drill meet-up listed here or add a date, time, and location for where and when you want to drill and automatically invite others in the group to join you. Drill meet-ups can be open to all or specific to player level, etc. Improve your skills with drills! The latest research suggests that a drill "best practice" is to drill one specific skill for 15 minutes straight, and to do it on a daily basis. This gives the brain, during sleep, a better chance to retain the info and put it into long term memory.

Phyllis wrote: Maybe this video will help convince more of us to drill. https://youtu.be/jA6ykbcC15c?si=uEOBF7mlPTC84dbH (About 1 month ago)

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Rhode Island

Have Net Will Travel Playerlineup.com

If you have a net, use this group to invite others to a game. Specify place, date and time.

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Rhode Island, Usa

Warren Recreational Pickleball Playerlineup.com

This is an informal group for anyone wishing to play recreationally. We've been meeting at Burrs Hill Park in Warren and use the tennis nets.

Sherry wrote: I moved Sunday mornings to 9 am start so courts have time to dry out. Let me know if you prefer an 8:30 am start. And can you all start on Tuesdays at 5:30 or shall I leave it at 6? (5 days ago)

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Warren, Rhode Island