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Tired of making phone calls to get your team together? Or sending emails to lists that are incomplete or addresses that are obsolete?

PlayerLineup ends all that with a free club website your players will love. You can make that website all your own by customizing it with your club logo and colors.

Your players will eagerly log in daily because they won’t want to miss what’s up with the club. That’s because PlayerLineup also acts much like a social media site. The URL will be easy for everyone to remember:

Here is what your colleagues have to say

Playerlineup is a great tool for communication and we can keep our playbooks on here as well as communicate with parents, players and coaches all at the same time. I love this program and believe it is an incredible tool.

Jim Nendel, Coach, NWC Crusaders

We are very pleased with the site. Everyone knows the training schedule without extensive emailing and phone calling. We chose PlayerLineup because it is simple and functional.

Rickard, Team leader, Norrköping Dolphins

Text Messaging (SMS) —
What did we ever do without it?

Everyone checks their text messages instantly! Do you think that could be useful to you? It is available at a small fee with our Pro Package – check our pricing-page

Managing a Recreational Sports Team has never been Easier

So, what is there to think about? You have nothing to lose and so much more time and convenience to gain. Just 60 seconds to create your own free club website! All you have to do is Register Your Team

When it comes to Features, we’ve only scratched the Surface

You’ll be amazed when you learn everything your club website can do for you – and most of these powerful features are absolutely free. To learn more, we invite you to take a look here.


Access to your Club Site is Web-Based and Secure

There is nothing to download, maintain or repair. Should there ever be an issue, all you have to do is to request our Email support. We understand how important website information security is, and that goes especially for parents.

They want to make sure their youngsters’ information cannot be accessed by anyone who is not authorized. That’s why we take security very seriously. We have chosen the Amazon server farm for storage of our websites. This ensures a high level of security, reliable availability and professional server maintenance.

The encryption level is the same as for financial institutions. Passwords are known to no one but the person who created it. However, a procedure exists for resetting a forgotten password. Users’ email addresses and phone numbers are never shown to the public or the search engines. If desired, all the information can be hidden.


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  1. Register your team and reserve your custom web address now.
  2. Invite team members by sharing a link or sending an email. Joining with the invitation is super fast!
  3. Add games and practices to your schedule. If need be, set the deadlines and max allowed members.
  4. RSVP to the events. Choose IN, or OUT. Team members will do the same and everything's up-to-date.
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Perhaps you are communicating digitally now through Facebook or some type of shared calendar or shared document, and you may be asking yourself why you need PlayerLineup. The answers are simple:

  • allows you to set your PlayerLineup for games and practices, communicate instantly with SMS messaging and request immediate response. Players may also respond for each other! This cuts way down on response time and keeps your expenditures of time and energy very low.
  • is so much more than a calendar!
    It’s your team’s very own website where specific roles can be assigned (defense, offense, team leader, coach) with different levels of access authority. This allows you to delegate more tasks.
  • gives managers and coaches instant visibility of players’ personal information on an automatically created Team Roster plus Exportable Attendance Statistics for each player.
  • invites your players’ enthusiastic participation because of its team-specific social media aspects. You’ll get much more active engagement and participation.
  • takes just 60 seconds to create and you’re ready to post your events and enjoy the full array of additional benefits.

Can your current method do all that? And here is more:

Your Players set up their Own Profiles

And they will be vigilant about keeping everything up-to-date. How cool is that? Well, it’s so much less work for you, the club manager or team coach. Once everyone’s profile is complete, communicating with your team becomes a breeze. Day, time and place of practice sessions, game events and social events will be posted on your site for everyone to see. Of course, you can also send instant email blasts to everyone and request responses regarding who can and cannot attend. Team mates can also RSVP for each other.


The opposing team is using PlayerLineup. Shouldn't you?

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The opposing team is using PlayerLineup. Shouldn't you?