Soccer London

List includes teams who are based in London and who are playing soccer. There are in total 1 teams. Most popular sport is soccer. Other popular sports are: rowing.

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The “Peanuts” team page serves as an example of the PlayerLineUp service. You are currently on the team's public homepage. To access the member portal simply click the “Login to member pages” on the top, right hand corner of this page. Use the username “snoopy” and password “snoopy” to access. The password is case sensitive. If you login as a member you'll see everything that your team will see. Only the manager pages are hidden. In the manager pages you could easily manage information about your team (ie. phone numbers, email addresses, etc.). Example Team information is reset every hour, so you can freely experiment with different features, such as enrollment or sending messages. The service is very easy to use. Experience the benefits - Login and experience it first-hand.

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